Top 5 Promo Products for 5Ks and Marathons

  • Jul 6, 2022

Hosting your next 5K? Running out of ideas for what to giveaway at your next marathon? If so, check out these great promotional products. These items are proven to get people talking and will make a lasting impression on any runner. The goal of a 5K or marathon is to beat the competition, so why shouldn’t your promotional giveaways be competitive as well?

Get ready to start handing out custom-made branded water bottles, fitness towels and so much more!

#1 Water BottlesSAGE #50202

SAGE #50202

At a marathon, where runners are going to be running for miles and miles, access to water is crucial. Whether it’s a custom printed water bottle or a reusable sports bottle, runners will appreciate having their own drink at the ready to combat dehydration.


#2 Cooling Towels

SAGE #64870

Regardless of the season, running a 5K/marathon is not an easy feat! For the runners who really want to stay cool, you can't go wrong with a cooling towel. Not only is a cooling towel a handy giveaway, but also it will be appreciated by your participants as they cross the finish line.


#3 Drawstring Bags 

SAGE #51291

It's no wonder that drawstring bags are the go-to promotional item for marathons. The convenience of a drawstring bag means that runners can easily carry and store small items, without slowing them down.


#4 Sunglasses

SAGE #60462

One of the most popular items to have on hand during a race day is a pair of sunglasses. Runners can keep their eyes healthy and protected while simultaneously promoting your brand. There are many styles to choose from, so we recommend giving away a variety of colors. If you're looking for functionality, try a pair of sunglasses with rubberized frames that won't slip off during running or walking out the last lap!


#5 T-Shirts

SAGE #50042

What's the number one promotional product for 5Ks and marathons? That's easy, a custom t-shirt. From cotton tees to dry-fit shirts, there are different styles for every runner. Not only is a t-shirt a great place to display your logo as a sponsor, but it also makes an excellent piece of memorabilia for runners who have completed the race.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you with a few giveaway ideas for an upcoming marathon. But don’t take our word for it—we encourage you to try it out and let us know how everything worked out! Even if you couldn’t include promotional items in last year’s marathon, there’s always next year. And the great thing about 5K giveaways is the versatility—promotional products are useful, inexpensive, and can be tailored to anything from a charity walk to a full marathon!


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